Flexo Printing Glazing Slotting Cutting Machine Line

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Flexo Printing Glazing Slotting Cutting Machine Line

1. Computer Control - The flexo printing glazing slotting cutting machine line offers independent computer desk control to realize 9,999 menu storages with the features of quick menu change, simple operation and prominent human/machine character. Troubleshooting is done with the computer to enhance equipment service efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The main control panel digital control/displayer indicates the speed, sheet quantity, skip paperboard feed and r/l side guide plates sets.
2. Front Edge Feeder – The paper feed type is overall vacuum suction, German servo motor drive and front edge paper feeder; the sheet-in roller surface is engaged with polyurethane wear resistant material for easy changeability.

Other Features of the Front Edge Paper Feeder include: Precise paper feed to convey the thin paperboard (1.5mm-2.0mm) easily; mechanic vibration generally eliminated; various mechanic vibrations caused by the cam drive are eliminated due to the servo motor drive to minimize the paperboard feed error caused by the gaps during paper-feed wheel working; and simple structure without any easily worn-out parts except the paper-feed wheel.

The flexo printing glazing slotting cutting machine line is the ideal equipment for making various size cartons with 3-7 layers of corrugated paperboard. According to customers requirement, it is able to fulfill 6 colors printing and die-cutting unit (4+2colors or 5+1 colors) to turn out the carton's printing quality equal to the offset printing since it is equipped with an infrared and ultraviolet heating system .The water-based and UV glass oils can meet the users different demands. The working process includes paper feeding, printing, coating, heating, die cutting, slotting, and packing.

Technical Specifications of the Flexo Printing Glazing Slotting Cutting Machine Line

Model SBFL 1200x2500
Max. machine speed (Rear Kick Type) 120 Pcs/min
Max. machine speed (Roller Type With Germany Servo Motor) 180 Pcs/min
Max. machine speed (Sun Feeder from the USA) 250 Pcs/min
Max. paper feeding size 1200x2500mm
Min. paper feeding size 320x650mm
Skip feeding 1400x2500mm
Max. printing area 1200x2400mm
Printing plate thickness 7.2mm
Min. slotting space Normal knife 160×160×160×160mm
Reverse knife 250×60×250×60mm
Max. slotting depth 400mm
Printing accuracy ± 0.3mm
Slotting (Die cutting) accuracy ± 1mm

As a China-based flexo printing glazing slotting cutting machine line manufacturer, we also provide label PS offset printing machine, corrugated box forming machine, hot foil stamping and die cutting machine, and much more.

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