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Model SD1020D

The double feeding window patching machine has double lines for the material feeding and largely enhances the working efficiency. Our machine conducts its work through the following procedures: paper feeding, conveying, gluing, cutting, patching, creasing and delivering. Put the paper to be processed on its shelf and the machine will automatically convey the paper to the next position. When the paper is conveyed to the gluing part, the die will glue the paper's window part. After gluing, the paper will be sent to the patching part where the film slice transferred by its conveying roller and cut will also come to meet the paper. Under the control of air -- first sucking and later blowing when the film reaches the window part, the film is patched to the window of the paper and delivered out after pressing by the rollers. The machine can also cut an opening to the film after it is patched and the length of the cutting can be adjusted as well.

The double feeding window patching machine is used in factories that make milk case, wine box, liquor box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box, toy box, car with or without the window, etc. It can be used for the window film cut, gluing and patching of card 200-500g/m2and flute 1- 2.5㎜ thick.

Technical Specifications of the Double Feeding Window Patching Machine

Model SD1020D
Max. paper size 480×650mm
Min. paper size 140×140mm
Max. film size 380×380mm
Min. film size 60×80mm
Film thickness 0.05-0.20mm
Max. working speed 200p/m
Card 200-500g/m2
Flute 1-2.5mm

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