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The disposable plastic glove making machine is used to make plastic gloves for use in medical, restaurant, food, and many other industries. The disposable plastic gloves can be made from cast film, high-density polyethylene and low density polyethylene plastic film.

1. The disposable plastic glove making machine adopts microcomputer touch screen control.
2. It uses three-phase hybrid motor to drag material.
3. The glove making machine has automatic counting function.
4. Various kinds of cutter molds are customizable.

Technical Specifications of Disposable Plastic Glove Making Machine

Model DFJ-500
Glove thickness 0.01-0.04mm
Speed 30-150 pcs/min
Total power 4kw
Power source 220V
Weight 900Kg
Outline dimensions(L×W×H) 3800 × 1150 × 1700mm

As a China-based disposable plastic glove making machine manufacturer, our company also produces rotary head film blowing machine, die cutting flexo printing machine, die cutting creasing machine, UV coating machine, and much more.

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