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Model SCF720/1020/1200

Our Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Production Line(UV Spot Machine is used for screen printing of large quantity of materials, it is applicable for variety of materials with a thickness ranging from 100g/㎡-350g/㎡. It is not only used in the UV (spot) varnish, but also used in various UV color ink printing. If equipped with high-pressure Hg-lamp, the complete line will be suit for the special effects UV varnish ink printing, such as abrasive, wrinkle, snow, crystal, reflection, bubble etc. Full and fresh ink effects, strong 3D feeling, and shade, enough thickness of the ink, all the excellence are decided the complete line is much popular in the recent market.

Technical Specifications of the Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Production Line(UV Spot Machine)

Model SEF720 SEF-780 SEF-1020
Max. printing size 720×500 780×520 1020×700 mm
Max.paper size 720×520 720x540 1020×x720mm
Min. paper size 350×270 350x270 480×270mm
Paper thickness 100-350g/m2 100-350g/m2 100~350 g/㎡
Frame size 880×880 940×940 1000×1180mm
Printing speed 1000-3200 1000-3200 1000~3000pcs/h
UV lamp 5.6kwx3pcs 5.6kwx3pcs 8kwx2pcs
Total Power 27.34kw 27.34kw 26.34kw
Length of production line 9.5m 9.5m 11.5m
Machine weight 3000kg 3500kg 4400kg
Machine dimension 4100×1960×1270mm 4100×2100×1270mm 4100×2720×1430mm

We are an automatic swing cylinder screen printing machine manufacturer based in China. We also provide label PS offset printing machine, die cutting slotting machine, label die cutting machine, and much more.

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